(🐓, 🦖)

bring them back

the plan

We're gonna bring back the dinosaurs
Raise Ξ1,000

Raise $40m from traditional investors by convincing them that this means the market for dinosaurs is hot (it is)

Transgenic chicken embryos with sequences from American Alligator

Iterate x 1000



What does BringDAO plan to do with the funds raised?
Bring back the dinosaurs
Is this possible?
We're going to find out together, maybe 35% chance
Is this a good idea?
What will happen if the raise goal isn't met?
Raised funds will be refunded to contributors or may be redeemed for project token $EGG which is of no value
What do I get for being part of the initial raise?
A sense of pride and accomplishment


Believes there should be more dinosaurs in the world